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Tuff Tiger

Published 2016, March 16 - 13:54

Strong Stuff quilted fabric toys from Sharples & Grant are perfect for pulling, tugging, throwing and retrieving. They are designed to withstand the very strongest dogs. Researched and developed through extensive product testing, our Strong Stuff toys are constructed from a super strength blend of 3 fabrics; a super strong faux velboa quilted top layer, nylon middle layer and a canvas base layer. When combined and quilted into a triple layer, double stitched and then given reinforced seams for extra security, an incredibly tough and durable toy is created. For added stimulation, each toy contains a squeaker, which itself is encased in a ballistic fabric, making it extra secure & safer should your pet ever get to the squeaker. We don’t call these toys Strong Stuff for nothing! They have been tested to withstand 150nm of arduous strain, meaning that they pack a serious punch… more than enough to handle your dog! Give them one of these superb toys and let’s see exactly what they’ve got. PLEASE NOTE: Strong Stuff toys are not designed as chew toys and as such should not be given to dogs to be used in this way.
33 cm